Hugs, Drugs, and Razorblades

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"Alice in Wonderland" Photocall, 2010

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Good night Perth.
4 months between pictures, gym every day and fairly healthy eating although I drink like a fish… Progress!!!

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I was just nodding off to sleep when the baby monitor crackled on behind me and she started sleep talking…
Needless to say I turned the light on and gave up on all hopes of sleep. That’s the shit of nightmares.

Body and face comparisons, clean eating and gym!
Very proud of how far I’ve come.💪

How can it be that 4 years later you still mean the world to me?

It’s a horrible feeling knowing you’re willing to make this your last breath.

I went to his after he had a terrible day, we made dinner and he’d even bought me a bottle of wine and biscuits! I don’t know how to act when someone’s nice to me. It was so cute that I want to distance myself. Why am I so afraid to let someone in?

"Believe in me and I will give you reason never to stop"

So I have always struggled with my weight, I have previously stopped eating, starved myself or turned to purging even after the smallest mouthful. But with all my heart I am hoping this is now behind me. I struggle to eat 3 meals a day but I am pushing on with it and smashing it out at the gym. I am quite a heavy drinker and this is where I get most of my calories… Oh the joys!
But the reason I’m asking for your help is my gym is doing a challenge across australia on a votes basis and well… I want to win! It would be such an achievement after everything I have put myself through, and would be so glorious to see others believing in me! If you could spare 2 minutes to cast me a vote your good karma bank will fill right up!
All you need to do is create an account and vote on me, takes less than a minute!
There’s the link. Thank you so much.

This woman knows the way to my heart

Host mum just went shopping “I bought you tobasco and skinny hot chocolate…don’t say I don’t know you!”

I’ve eaten so much I’ve stopped caring about humanity


Luma Grothe by Viktor Vauthier.
Got a new coat