Hugs, Drugs, and Razorblades

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My mind is all over the place, perhaps my brain should join it.


i like the bones.

I moved here about 7 weeks ago now and I work in a house where I look after children. I go out of the house to take the kids out or to go to the gym. I have no friends here, I have met no one other than the family. I am so completely alone.


how am i so jealous of her what

I put today as a write-off day. I ate whatever I wanted, although I still went to the gym.I feel disgusting .I was happy to eat everything just for one day, forcing myself so that I wouldn’t have cravings for a while. But wow, I can’t stand this feeling.


How to make sure that your pet is healthy :) 

I will never be enough

Isn’t it strange. I ran from everything I knew but I couldn’t get away from my mind. I have never been as happy as when I was in the jungle. Away from everything, no worries, no problems, just a tent… and a shit load of hippies.